April 2016

For all of you graduating this year, congratulations on your newest milestone and educational achievements. After the ceremony is over, all that celebration stirs up quite an appetite. During graduation months, everyone is throwing their own special graduation party, but how do you make yours stand out? We’ve come up with some great menu ideas that your friends, families and fellow graduates will be drooling over.

Favorite Foods

Usually, graduation parties are full of excitement where guests are pretty active. Grads will be getting up to congratulate each other, take pictures with friends and family, and socialize before they go off on their next journey. That’s why convenience food is best so that they can eat foods either sitting down or standing around. Any type of finger food, skewers, or mini foods is great for a fun and active graduation party. It also makes an easier cleanup and great for taking home any left overs. Lastly, of course, you can’t forget to have plenty of the graduate’s favorite foods to go along with fun summer drinks!

Mature Menu

Incorporating a mature selection of foods during graduation parties shows your grad is ready to grow up. Try foods like Shrimp Lettuce Wedges that are light but satisfying or appetizers like our Mini Pecan & Jalapeno Cheese Balls for a sweet and spicy kick. Since grads come by the truck load, having a unique and diverse menu is a great way to show off during your graduation party.

Set Up Stations

The last thing you want at a graduation party is a hungry crowd of graduates all reaching for the same beef skewer at one table. Stations work perfectly for graduation parties because it lets people spread out more when gathering their food instead of congregating over one or two long tables. Separate your stations by cold food, hot food, appetizers, entrees and drinks. This way, if someone just wants to grab a cold drink they can go straight to a station. Figure out the best flow for your food stations so that everyone can see what’s around and get to them easily.

Choosing The Right Caterers

If you’re panicking about how much time you have left to plan for the graduation party, hire a great catering company. We know that families want to throw a great party but get caught up in daily responsibilities and run out of time to cook or delegate pot luck roles. That’s what our event planner is for. Just tell us about your vision for your graduation party and we’ll come to the rescue. Our full catering services range from buffet style service, china, flower arrangements, center pieces and other event planning details. Give us a call today, we would be more than happy to celebrate with you!



April 2016

Corporate catering differs from any other casual event. But how do you make sure your menu is recognizable yet a bit more formal for corporate parties or important events like promotions, retirements, or even holiday parties? We went through our menu and picked out some great foods that are simple and still appropriate for a corporate catering atmosphere.

The Most Important Meal of The Day

If you love burritos, you’ll love ours. The Snapper Jack’s Breakfast Burritos are perfect for those who want their bacon, eggs potatoes, cheese and sausage in one place. We’ve been to buffet tables where we individually choose our eggs and bacon, and maybe have even thrown them on some bread to make our own breakfast sandwiches. Our burritos hold all of your favorite breakfast essentials wrapped perfectly in a soft tortilla. They also come individually wrapped so that guests don’t have to get messy when assembling their own burritos. Besides, who says you can’t have burritos at any time of the day?

Meat Lovers

If you like meat, we’ve got a few options you’ll be sure to love, like our favorite Pat’s Chicken. This lunch item is grilled to perfection while smothered with a mixture of butter gravy, pico de gallo and diced mushrooms. For a corporate event, toppings and delicious creams, sauces or gravy’s help to give the meal that unique flavor you want more of. Grilled chicken is usually a fan favorite and is also a healthier option that can be paired with a lot of great sides like our mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. Stay away from boring chicken options that we all see time and time again.

You know if you see steak at a corporate event, the planner really knows their guests. Try something original like our Chicken Fried Steak! Once Sirloin steak lovers take a bite out of our breaded and deep fried steak you’ll be glad you ordered more than enough! Steak and chicken are both highly popular when catering for corporate events. These menu choices are just a few examples of how with a little creativity and love for food, you can give your guests popular choices with a twist they won’t see coming.

Eat Your Veggies

Any easy mistake to make is to forget about the vegetarians, or those who prefer to eat more grains and vegetables since the majority of your guests will most likely eat meat. Although you may provide salads, vegetarians should have an exciting option as well. For example, our Vegetarian Tacos include roasted veggies, organic baby spinach and steamed white rice. This dish is also perfect for someone who is health-conscious or has diet restrictions since our corn tortillas are gluten free!

Keeping all guests happy and full is the greater objective for corporate caters. Most guests can almost predict what menu items will be available. With our diverse menu options, the only thing our clients can predict is a delicious and successful corporate catered event.



March 2016

It’s almost festival season! That means plenty of festivals and outdoor catering events for foodies that don’t mind getting their hands dirty. One of our favorites being crawfish boils. If you’re not a big fan of working for your food, crawfish is exactly what you need. Whether you are seeking out the best crawfish boils in town, or inviting your friends and family to your first backyard boil party, follow the below fundamentals for an epic crawfish boil.

Fresh is Best!

Try to order your crawfish to arrive the day of the boil. They need to be cooked alive, so holding on to the mudbugs for too long will result in some lost souls. Guests will usually consume up to 5 pounds of crawfish so have plenty for veteran eaters. Remember, most of the fish is shell, so guests will be going through them quickly and it’s not a crawfish party without tons of crawfish! For first time boilers, try hiring a trusted catering company to impress friends and family. Snapper Jack’s crawfish recipe has proven to be a crowd favorite and would be happy to serve your hungry guests.

The Boil

Prepare your crawfish in a large pot. For 40 lbs, an 80 qt. pot will do the trick. Propane tanks should be full! Take a peek inside the pot, if you spot shrimp, corn, potatoes, sausage your crawfish are going to be irresistible.

Ditch the Napkins

Crawfish eating is never pretty. Especially when the tip to successfully eating a crawfish is to first start to pinch the tail and then “gracefully” suck out the flavorful juice from the head. The moment the cooked crawfish are dumped onto the table don’t be shy, that’s your que to dig in. Placing down plastic table napkins aids in a speedier cleanup at the end of your party.

There’s no doubt that Louisiana is known for their great boils, but Texas just may be able to teach them a few things about a Cajun crawfish boil. Excited about the Crawfish Festival in the Heights, or the Texas Crawfish Festival? For more outdoor festivals in Houston this summer, check out this calendar on Eventbrite.



March 2016

Spring is approaching, so it’s time to bring the party outside. We’ve had enough cabin fever and are excited about outdoor catering events this spring. Beyond the pesky bugs, heat and lack of seating, outdoor events can actually be a great. We’ve even got some solutions for reasons you may be hesitant to plan your next corporate catering event outside.

Don’t let your guests bake in the sun.

We love beautiful weather in the spring, but unfortunately some guests may opt out of outdoor events for fear of dreadful heat. For large corporate events, we suggest providing a canopy, and large fans. The more people in one area, the hotter it seems. Here’s a solution, providing shade and a source of cool air can keep your guests from being eaten alive by little critters.

If you don’t plan on providing seating for every guest, incorporate areas at the event that are meant for people to stand.

A large bar where guests can lean on, a photo booth where friends can use fun props, a raffle off, or even activities that require movement. If your event consists of engaging areas that make people want to move around and enjoy your party, you won’t have to worry about your guests playing musical chairs hoping to never lose their seat.

Of course you can have certain foods at your outdoor event.

But you need to plan properly for them. Cold seafood options like sushi need to be kept cool in order to preserve the freshness. Display sushi or shrimp cocktail on ice, under enough shade, and preferably a caterer to rotate ice as it melts. Don’t shy away from cold food options, remember it will be warm out and guests are looking for one more way to refresh themselves!

Put your money where your mouth is.

Your co-worker has been bragging about how they can out eat anyone in a barbeque chicken wing eating contest. Why not put it to the test? Outdoor events are perfect for fun and friendly food eating, baking or competitions. Guests are able to better see the contest, and cleanup is much easier.

There’s something about the atmosphere of an outdoor event that is special.

From the music, to the catering to the activities and decorations, we are excited to be able to see satisfied guests eating unforgettable food and enjoying everyone’s company. If you’re planning on hosting an event held outdoors, and are interested in a catering company, contact us!


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